Projects in Chile

No to ecocide - #NoaDominga

La Serena 15th of August 2021.

On Wednesday, 11th of August 2021, the Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment (COEVA) of the Coquimbo region approved - to the astonishment of the whole country - in an extraordinary session, with 11 votes in favor and one against, the mining and port project Dominga of the company Andes Iron. This is despite the fact that four civil society organizations have appealed to the Corte Suprema (Supreme Court) against the ruling issued in this matter by the Antofagasta Environmental Court in April of this year. The Supreme Court's decision is still pending. This is the first time that this commission has approved a project without waiting for the decision of the Corte Suprema.

Research for survival

Landau, June 4, 2021

How many Humboldt penguins are left in Chile? Do they breed successfully? Where do they find enough food? These are open questions that are crucial for the survival of this penguin species.

Waiting for a Decision

Landau 25 April 2021.

You don't know if you should laugh or cry. The April 16th, 2021 decision of the Antofagasta Environmental Court on the “Dominga” mining and port project is reminiscent of absurd theater. In 2017, the Regional Government of Coquimbo and the Committee of Ministers (1) rejected the "Dominga" project. Andes Iron appealed against the decisions to the Antofagasta Environmental Court. The company Andes Iron filed a complaint against the decisions with the Antofagasta Environmental Court and was proven right.

World Natural Heritage on Hold

Landau 4 January 2021.

Chile is full of natural beauty. The country is rightly proud of 41 national parks (as of 2019) and numerous national reserves. The national parks Torres del Paine, Bernado O'Higgins and the Juan Fernandez Archipelago are world-famous. The parks are managed by the Corporacion Nacional Forestal (CONAF).

Chile - Protest in Lockdown

- Defensa Ambiental and Alianza Humboldt very active -

Landau 23 October 2020.

Numbers and measures speak a clear language. The number of known infections in Peru is 6.4 and in Chile 6.5 times higher than in Germany. The number of people who died in the context of the pandemic is 9.2 times higher in Peru and 6.4 times higher in Chile than in the Federal Republic of Germany (as of 16 October 2020). In both countries there are currently nightly curfews, in some provinces and localities a preventive quarantine applies. This means that only one person per household may leave their home with permission in emergencies, e.g. to visit the doctor and to go grocery shopping. Masks are largely compulsory in public.


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