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and their habitats

The protection of wild Humboldt Penguins and their habitats will only succeed if many people join forces to support this goal. Sphenisco e.V. offers people who want to get involved in nature and species conservation the opportunity to participate in concrete projects and measures for the protection of the Humboldt Penguin directly in the field according to their personal possibilities, interests and abilities. Everyone can determine the type and extent of their commitment themselves.

Together we want to work to ensure that our grandchildren can still see Humboldt Penguins in their natural habitat and that the fauna and flora of Chile and Peru remain as fascinating as they are today.


How you can help:

By clicking on the following picture you can download an information flyer of "Sphenisco - Protection of the Humboldt Penguins e.V". The flyer includes information about the Humboldt Penguin, its causes of threat, and ways to help and support it. It can be freely used on appropriate occasions to share information.

With your donation
With your donation

No matter how high, every donation is valuable for the conservation of biodiversity on our planet. You can either let the experts decide where the money is most urgently needed or you can donate to a specific project and thus decide for yourself what your donation will be used for.

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As a member
As a member

Become a member of Sphenisco e.V. With your membership fee you support the nature conservation work of Sphenisco e.V. in the long run. As a member you contribute your ideas and your commitment, as a member you help determine the direction of the work.

The association maintains and cultivates contacts with people and institutions that are committed to the conservation of the Humboldt Penguin in the wild. As a member, it is therefore easy to get in touch with people who are already involved in this field, e.g. in conservation work or environmental education, or who are engaged in research work.

The project coordinators inform the members about the status and development of the projects for the protection of the Humboldt Penguin in Chile and Peru. The association provides information materials, reports and educational media.

When travelling to Chile and Peru, especially to the regions of the conservation projects, members can be informed in detail by members of the association about the country and its people as well as nature conservation in the country and receive advice on planning their trip.

Membership fees and donations are tax deductible.

Become a member today (membership application as pdf form in German)!

As a nature ambassador in Europe
As a nature ambassador in Europe

If you are interested in biological topics and nature conservation, if you enjoy teaching other people about Humboldt Penguins and other animals and plants from their habitat and informing them about nature conservation, you should work as a nature conservation ambassador after a short self-study and training by members of Sphenisco e. V.


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