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Landau, 5th June 2023




+++Research für Survival+++
All breeding islands of the Humboldt penguins in Chile have been closed since december due to avian flu. Unfortunately, this also has an impact on research work. Thus, the 2nd monitoring of breeding success on Choros Island had to be terminated prematurely in December. The foraging surveys planned for June cannot be carried out either. 

Dr Alejandro Simeone informed that 3 papers on the results of the "Research for Survival" project will be presented at the World Penguin Conference in Vina del Mar, Chile, 4-9 September 2023.


+++“Residents defend and protect the Humboldt Archipelago“+++
At the beginning of April, the company DigitalPro Audiovisual & Comunicaciones started the campaign "Residents defend and protect the Humboldt Archipelago" on social media on behalf of Sphenisco. The contributions are planned and coordinated with Nancy Duman and Karen Quezada. Short articles on the significance of the Humboldt Archipelago will be published regularly until October. Earth Day" on 22 April was an occasion for publications, as was World Penguin Day on 25 April (see report "Panorama of World Penguin Day 2023" on these pages). The results of the "Research for Survival" have already been reported in detail in a press release and short videos.


+++Action for Annulment+++
The Court of Appeals in Antofagasta declared the appeal against the decision of the Environmental Court inadmissible. With the action for annulment, Nancy Duman had requested that the environmental classification and all administrative acts in the "Dominga" case be declared invalid (see article "Public comment on the..." on this page). The decision is currently being examined by lawyers and a complaint is being prepared before the Corte Suprema in Santiago.




+++New Environmental Education Project+++
In September last year, ACOREMA started the project "Creating and strengthening awareness spaces for the conservation of the Humboldt Penguin on the Central Coast of Peru". The education programme lasts until the end of August 2024. Señora Milagros Ormeño B. from ACOREMA has written a report for Sphenisco about the work so far (see article "Consciousness spaces for conservation..." on these pages).


+++Breeding success on the Ballestas+++
Señora Milagros' team is currently working hard on the report about the investigations on the "breeding success on the Ballestas". The evaluation of the large photos and videos as well as the analysis of the statistical data is time-consuming. The summary of the results was delayed again because daughter Mikayla fell ill with dengue fever. Thank God the little one is slowly recovering from the viral infection. As soon as the research report is available, we will report on the research project in a separate article.




+++Sphenisco Thanks for Sympathy and Donations+++
On 21 March, the chairperson of Sphenisco Gabriele Knauf died. Sphenisco thanks everyone for their great sympathy and the many generous donations. Sphenisco will use the donations in the spirit of its founder and long-time chairperson to protect the Humboldt penguins and their habitat. 


+++World-Penguin-Day 2023+++
Around World Penguin Day on 25 April, many actions took place to highlight the threat to Humboldt penguins and their habitat (see report "Panorama of World Penguin Day 2023" on these pages).


+++Penguin Colony in Gütersloh+++
Penguins rest and "noble rust" in Gütersloh (see photo). The 16 art objects - 50 centimetres high and weighing 1.5 kilos - were created and produced by Olaf Goldbecker. The material was donated by his employer. The works are to be sold for 25 euros each in aid of Sphenisco. They will be offered for the first time on the occasion of the General Assembly on 24 June. The "rusty penguins" are already the 2nd charity initiative that Olaf Goldbecker has started in favour of Sphenisco. At the moment, the ambitious photographer is also preparing a charity calendar that will be offered at the end of the year. For five years now, Olaf Goldbecker has been publishing calendars with his own photos for the benefit of species conservation projects ( In the 2024 calendar, he will illustrate the fauna of South America.


+++Platz schaffen mit Herz+++
Since March, Sphenisco has again been participating in the campaign "Platz schaffen mit Herz" (see also article "Spheniso is back..." on this page). Voting will continue until mid-September, with over 2600 initiatives taking part. Currently, Sphenisco is in 21st place with 105 votes or entries (as of 5 June). If the placement held, Sphenisco would receive €750.00. In the case of a better placement, even more.


- Penguin Friends Cuxhaven
In mid-May, the Penguin Friends of Cuxhaven (Penguin Museum) decided at their annual general meeting to once again support Sphenisco's species conservation work. Birgit Berends and Stefan Kirchhof, both on the board of the Penguin Friends, have also been members of Sphenisco since 2009. Thank you for your regular support and trust.


 - The activities around World Penguin Day not only drew attention to the threat to Humboldt penguins, but also led to numerous donations, large and small. Not only but also because of this occasion, Sphenisco received sponsorship and donations from Dudley Zoo, England, Ouwehand Zoo Foundation, Netherlands, Rostock Zoo, Tierpark Bochum, Volker Eggert, Meike Kagel, Marie Engellandt for KITA Minijustiz, Timm Spretke, Ricarda Lisa Bodenseh, Kathrin Ballenthin, Garry York. A big thank you to all sponsors and donors!


W. K. 

translated by Claudia Fawer



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