Projects in Peru

Pandemic is the Mother of Invention

Landau May 8, 2021.

COVID not only prevents, the pandemic also inspires. In 2020, Nicole Bertram (Sphenisco) initiated the "pingutastic" campaign "Encouragement Messages"

In 2021, the Professional Association of Zoo Animal Keepers e.V. (BdZ) had an unusual idea concerning the World Penguin Day (April 25). The federation called on its members to send any photos and videos on the topic „penguins“ to the board on the occasion of the honor day 2021. Many zoo keepers participated.

Environmental education despite pandemic

- ACOREMA breaks new ground -

Landau January 4, 2021.

Good and bad news reached SPHENISCO from Peru shortly before the end of the year. The bad first. The leader of the project "Queremos vivir - we want to live" Milagros Ormeño B. and almost her whole family was infected with Covid 19. The courses were very different. Milagros herself was severely affected for more than 2 weeks. However, she did not have to be hospitalized, but her mother-in-law did. In the meantime, she and the affected family members, including her parents, have survived the worst. Her little daughter Mikayla and her husband Helbert were not infected.


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