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Premiere - Humboldt Penguins Foraging

Landau 1 January 2023.

From the end of November to the end of December, Ursula Ellenberg (New Zealand) and Maximiliano Deigre (Chile) investigated the foraging of Humboldt penguins on the island of Choros, northern Chile, using GPS loggers and animal cameras. They collected numerous data on the penguins' foraging paths, which differ significantly from the data from the (southern) winter.

For the first time, the researchers used animal cameras on Humboldt penguins. The images reveal a benthic (1) foraging strategy previously known only from yellow-eyed and gentoo penguins. They also show that Humboldt penguins hunt in groups of up to 50 birds

(first glimpse

Data and recordings are part of the project "Research for Survival", supported by Sphenisco e.V., which is carried out by the research groups from Alejandro Simeone (Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago), Guillermo Luna (Universidad Católica del Norte, Coquimbo), Ursula Ellenberg and Thomas Mattern (University of Otago, Tawaki Trust, New Zealand).



(1) Living at or in the bottom of a body of water

translated by Erich Greiner

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