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Sphenisco Receives Many Presents

Landau 8. January 2019.

At the end of the year, Sphenisco again received many gifts. Institutions and individuals have once again shown their support in a very generous way. The penugins and the board of directors were very pleased about the gifts received from

- Birgit Berends & Stefan Kirchhoff,
- Patricia Bohlen,
- Beate und Jürgen Elling,
- Herman und Elfriede Klamandt,
- Viola Lusga,
- Jennifer Schulz-Majewski,
- Birgit Windmüller,
- Zoo Berlin,
- Zoo Halle,
- Zoo Saarbrücken.

The donations provide Sphenisco the ability to continue their protection work for the Humboldt Penguin’s habitat. These gifts also show appreciation for the work of the entire association and the board of directors. Thank you very much!

Translated by Erich Greiner