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4th of June 2021

+++ Since last year, Nancy Duman has been trying to launch an environmental education project in the coastal villages of the municipality of La Higuera. A first draft concept was not convincing and had to be revised. Now there is a new proposal, which - because of the preparations for the general meeting - could not yet be examined. SPHENISCO will report.

+++ On 15th and 16th of May in Chile the representatives for the constituent assembly were elected. First the elections were postponed for 4 weeks due to high incidence rates. Against all expectations, the non-partisan groups won the elections to the Constituent Assembly as well as in the regional and municipal elections held on the same day. The right-wing party even missed the blocking minority for the Constituent Assembly. After this landslide victory there is a chance for a social and ecological constitution. If, indeed, the independent groups and their candidates succeed in forming alliances and agreeing on important issues.

Our staff member, Nancy Duman, ran for the non-party list "Movimiento Territorial Constituyente" in District 5, region Coquimbo. She was one of 7 candidates. The list received 55,000 votes and thus 2 seats in the Constituent Assembly. For 4 months Nancy Duman worked to the limits of exhaustion, rushed (under pandemic conditions) from appointment to appointment, tirelessly addressed "her" issues of environment - constitution – democracy. The citizens reacted positively throughout. The „Ambientalistas“ attracted attention and respect. Nancy Duman personally received 5200 votes.

+++ The diving fishermen of the municipality of La Higuera - like the diving fishermen in other parts of the country - work under difficult, often health-damaging conditions. SPHENISCO-CHILE has taken up the issue and talked to fishermen and Sernapesca (fisheries authority). Result: information and training desired, not to say urgently needed. Nancy Duman has now succeeded in winning the french NGO AFEPS (association Frankophone d’Entraide et de Promotion des Sciences de la vie) for further training. It takes place on 8th of November in the municipality of La Higuera.

+++ World Penguin Conference 2022
5th – 9th of September 2022 in Viña del Mar, Chile




+++ At the end of May, SPHENISCO signed a contract with ACOREMA for the research project "Aspects of Humboldt Penguin Reproduction on the Ballestas Islands". From 1st of July 2021 until the end of June 2022, the Humboldt Penguins on the islands in the Pisco-Paracas region will be counted every 2 weeks and the breeding activities documented (s. a. article "Breeding Success on the Ballestas Islands?" of 28th of May).




Osnabrück Osnabrück

+++ The team of educators at Saarbrücken Zoo organized an info booth at the penguin enclosure on the occasion of the World Penguin Day on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. The weather was probably „anything but great“ and the congestion was „corona compliant“. Nevertheless, our message could be passed on to some interested people (for impressions see pictures).

+++ For the World Penguin Day (25th of April) under corona conditions, the Professional Association of Zoo Animal Keepers e. V. (BdZ) had a great idea (s. a. article "Pandemic is the Mother of Invention" from 8th of May).


+++ At the end of April, our member, the Penguin-Museum in Cuxhaven, proudly announced that "we are a world record holder". The world record was certified by the Institute for Records in Germany, we quote: „Birgit Behrens achieved the world record for the largest penguin collection. With 26,114 items, she has the most different objects relating to penguins in her possession.“ An incredible number! A museum that has been running well for years! A really great performance! Congratulations!

+++ SPHENISCO also received many donations in April and May. As in previous years, Paultons Park has supported SPHENISCO with a generous donation. The leisure park is located in the county of Hampshire on the south coast of England. Further donations came from the Rostock Zoo and the Professional Association of Zoo Animal Keepers e. V. (BdZ). The small Müritz Animal Adventure Park from the Mecklenburg Lake District also takes up the topic of "Protecting the Humboldt Penguin", informs its visitors and collects donations for species protection. Many thanks to all donors for their commitment and support!

SPHENISCO received a completely surprising donation from the company Nirotec (pipe bends, fittings, flanges) from Unna. Unfortunately, we do not know what prompted the company to stand up for Humboldt penguins. But we would like to know the reason. This also applies to the donation from Johannes Vogel. Unfortunately we do not know him and we have no contact details. Therefore on this way: A big thank you to the „unknown“ donors!

+++ In 2017 and 2019 the Professional Association of Zoo Animal Keepers e.V. (BdZ) organized workshops on penguin care together with SPHENISCO in Bernburg and in Kronberg (Opel Zoo). The seminars were well attended and very much appreciated. Another seminar is now planned for early 2022. It will take place at Nürnberg Zoo from 14th - 16th of January 2022.

W. K.

translated by Claudia Wirth


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