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Landau, 31. Juli 2020

+++Since June 22nd, Professor Boris Culik, from Kiel, Germany, has been testing a warning device (PAL – Positive Attachment Lanyard) on the Humboldt Penugins at the Landau Zoo (s.a., “Penguin Research in Landau”). An acoustic signal is being searched for that will discourage penguins from swimming into gill nets. This research is being done on behalf of Sphenisco, and is generously being subsidized by the Marlow Bird Park. This research has created an unusually high level of media interest. As far as we know, short broadcasts were produced by the radio networks SWR3, SAT-Regional as well as SWR. The Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa – German Press Agency) disseminated the news, which was then picked up and reported by the following newspapers or internet services:  Rheinpfalz (multiple times), Mannheimer Morgen, Frankfurter Rundschau, Welt, Hamburger Abendblatt, Bildzeitung, Volksfreund, MSN-Microsoft News, Arcor and ecoGuide (s.a., Video from SAT 1 “Pinguine als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter” – Penguins as Scientific Research Assistants, in German)


+++On June 29th, the City of Landau honored Gabriele and Werner Knauf with the Art and Cultural Prize of the Feldbausch-Foundation. Head Mayor Thomas Hirsch also honored the dedicated service for and from Sphenisco: “It makes us proud that in the City of Landau there are people like Mr. and Mrs. Knauf, who dedicate themselves in such an exemplary manner, who are always ready to pitch in where support is needed.” It is not only the film works of Gabriele and Werner Knauf, but also their long-standing commitment to the Sphenisco Organization, which has devoted itself to the protection of the Humboldt Penguin in the wild, and which is also being kept at the Landau Zoo. https://www.landau.de/Verwaltung-Politik/Pressemitteilungen/Viel-mehr-als-nur-Unterhaltung-Landauer-Filmemacher-Ehepaar-Knauf-mit-Kunst-und-Kulturpreis-der-Dr-Feldbausch-Stiftung-ausgezeichnet.php?object=tx,2644.5.1&FID=2644.5749.1

(s.a. Video OK Weinstraße) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4KQo7rZ_tE

+++Dark clouds hang over the Humboldt Archipelago in northern Chile. The Chilean Supreme Court referred Andes Iron’s complaint against the rejection of the “Dominga” Project back to the environmental court in Antofagasta. A hearing already took place in March. In July, the environmental court demanded the regional Environmental Ministry (SUBPESCA – Subsecretaría de Pesca y Acuicultura), as well as the regional commission for coastal use, take a position as to whether the “Dominga” project endangers biodiversity and whether the environmental protection aspects are compatible with the project. The attorneys for the Humboldt Alliance (Sphenisco is part of the Alliance) protested against this decision, and have called these actions of the court inadmissible. The protest was successful, and the environmental court pulled its demand back.

+++The decision of the Environmental Court in Antofagasta, regarding the “Dominga” issue, is expected in August. On July 27th, three days prior to beginning of the preventative quarantine in La Serena, the Humboldt Alliance therefore organized another demonstration with animal figures in front of the Town Hall in the center of La Serena (see pictures below and a video on vimeo – https://vimeo.com/444592162).

Parallel to these demonstrations, residents of Los Choros and Pt. de Choros “painted” a whale on the beach by using large sea shells [nature painting – si a la vida (yes to life), against the mega-project “Dominga”]; beautiful, definitely a “must see” (see vimeo https://vimeo.com/444623992).

+++Rosa Rojas, the Chairwoman of our partner organization MODEMA, wants to reduce her involvement, due to health reasons. She remains Chairwoman of the citizens’ action group, but wants to delegate the operative business more to Patricia and her husband (both are from Pt. de Choros). This is a more-than understandable step, after Rosa Rojas’ many years of support for nature and the environment in the Coquimbo Region. We thank her very much for her dedication and wish her much luck with her desire to scale down. We are skeptical however, whether her nature will allow her to do so.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

+++For the first time, Sphenisco received a generous donation from Curraghs Wildlife Park, a wildlife part in the wetland area of the northwest part of the Isle of Man, in Great Britian. Thank you very much!

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translated by Erich Greiner

Serena Serena Serena
Serena Serena Serena



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