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Landau, 24. September 2019
+++We’re still waiting! The Coquimbo Region has been waiting for 6 ½ months for the decision on ̏Domingaʺ from Chile’s highest court. (s.a. Article from 5. March)+++
+++Animated Film “Message in a Bottle“ now available in French ( +++
+++The Penguin Wine was served at the opening of the Kirrweiler(Pfalz) Fair, that went from 6. to 10. September+++
+++Although the weather on Species Protection Day in Karlsruhe (8. September) wasn’t so good, Christina Schubert and Jeannine Schützendübe were satisfied with the response at Sphenisco’s Information Stand.+++

+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco
translated by Erich Greiner

Sphenisco’s Annual Meeting under the Motto “For Diversity, Against Monotony”

Saarbrücken, 13 July 2019.
JahrestreffenAs in the past, Sphenisco had its annual meeting on the last Saturday in June, this year on the 29th at 13:30 in the Landau Zoo School, and, as in years past, my focus was to be there as well. This time I was able to attend with my colleague Sandra Schick, from the Saarbrücken Zoological Education Department. Due to diverse construction sites and road closures, we did not get to the Landau Zoo until an hour after the meeting had already started.
Thus, we missed Nancy Duman’s Skype greetings and description of the current situation in northern Chile. Nancy is known to all the Sphenisco insiders as the highly committed on-site Sphenisco representative who, thanks to her networking, always knows the right person to contact. Unfortunately, with the new change of government, the situation with the planned large-scale projects has not changed for the better. As we arrived at around 14:30, Gabriele Knauf was just updating us on the current situation. Most interesting was that, in addition to active organizations such as Modema, the regional medical association joined the newly—established "Alianza Humboldt” (Humboldt Alliance).