Landau, 17 November 2019
+++ The hearing scheduled for 27 November at the Environmental Court in Antofagasta in the legal dispute concerning the mining and port project "Dominga" was again postponed, this time to  December 19th. +++
+++ On Wednesday, November 13th, Nancy Duman (Sphenisco) participated in the workshop "Sustainable Management of Marine Protection Zones" in La Serena. The workshop took place at the patronage of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and was organized by the Ministries of Fisheries, Environment and State Property.+++
In Chile, citizens have been protesting in masses against the government for 4 weeks. Above all, they are demanding a new constitution guaranteeing fundamental social rights. Since then, all over the country rallies and events have been held practically every day. In so-called cabildos, citizen workshops, a wide range of topics are covered.
+++ I love the planet" was the theme of a cabildos, which the Alianza Humboldt held on 9th November in La Serena (see poster).+++
+++ On Saturday, November 16th, a Cabildo took place in La Higuera. The main focus was on water shortage in the community and the mining and port projects "Cruz Grande" and "Dominga". +++
+++On Sunday, November 17, there will be a meeting with the same themes in Los Choros. The environmental groups in the region want to create cabildos on these topics in as many coastal villages of the municipality of La Higuera as possible.+++
+++ For Wednesday, 20 November, environmental groups from the Coquimbo region are calling for a Cabildo with the topic "Invitation to the funeral of mining and port projects", according to the motto "the projects "Cruz Grande" and "Dominga" are part of the problem" +++


translated by Angelika Veelken

Save the date „save the penguin“!

NewsWorld Penguin Day 2020, the same procedure as every year! This is unfortunately necessary, considering the current developments in Chile, in a particularly way. The country is in upheaval, the people are fighting for a new constitution and for the fair distribution of materials and natural resources. At the moment, it is totally unclear whether reforms can be pushed through, and how the developments will affect natural and environmental protection.

Also in this year, the balance regarding protection of the Humboldt Penguin turns out somewhat mixed:  for over 20 years, natural and environmental activists have successfully protected the habitat of the Humboldt Penguin, lastly with a spectacular victory at the Chilean Supreme Court. Nevertheless, they were not able to get permanent and sustainable protection of this ecosystem established.

Sphenisco therefore calls for campaigns around World Penguin Day (25. April), and will make materials available for this. Please check to see if it’s possible to support with a small or large campaign on the fight for the Humboldt Penguin’s habitat at your institution, in the time period between 18. April and 03. May 2020, or even if necessary, at another time. The citizens and the local environmental movement urgently need international support.
Please inform us of your plans.
translated by Erich Greiner
+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco+++
Landau, 24. September 2019
+++We’re still waiting! The Coquimbo Region has been waiting for 6 ½ months for the decision on ̏Domingaʺ from Chile’s highest court. (s.a. Article from 5. March)+++
+++Animated Film “Message in a Bottle“ now available in French ( +++
+++The Penguin Wine was served at the opening of the Kirrweiler(Pfalz) Fair, that went from 6. to 10. September+++
+++Although the weather on Species Protection Day in Karlsruhe (8. September) wasn’t so good, Christina Schubert and Jeannine Schützendübe were satisfied with the response at Sphenisco’s Information Stand.+++

+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco
translated by Erich Greiner
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