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Landau, 10. February 2020
+++Sphenisco Chile has joined with varied partners in the campaign for a new constitution in Chile. Together with the group “Alianza Humboldt Coquimbo Atacama”, a public discussion on the theme〝Para qué – no a Dominga (something like “What’s the point of that?! No to Dominga!”) took place. The number of participants was unfortunately modest, but this made a particularly intense discussion and development of good ideas possible.
+++Together with FIMA (an NGO, Attorneys for the Environment) Sphenisco-Chile organized a discussion on January 23rd, called “The Constitution and the Environment – Virtuous Unconventional Thinkers”. A synopsis of the discussion will soon be provided. For February and March, events around this theme are planned as well, this time at the coastal villages of Chungungo and Caleta Hornos, as well as at La Higuera.
+++ At Sphenisco, we’re still receiving Christmas gifts, even in January and the beginning of February. The organization was the beneficiary of both large and small gifts (see also “sphenisco news flash – December”). Gifts were received from the Zoological Garden Hellabrunn in Munich (once again), the Zoo on the Sea in Bremerhaven, the Krefeld Zoo, and Pascal Jauss and Jochem Schatz. Also, for the first time, Sphenisco received a donation from the Netherlands. “Stichting Wildlife”, a foundation of Dutch zoos (Safaripark Beekse Bergen, ZooParc Overloon, AquaZoo Leeuwarden and Dierenrijk) supported Sphenisco as well with a generous amount. Thank you very much! 
+++Sphenisco would also like to extend greetings to its first organizational member from the Netherlands. The Dierenpark ZieZoo in Volkel became a member in order to support Sphenisco’s species-protection activities.
 +++ The Dutch foundation of the〝Ouwehand Dierenpark in Rhenen wants to promote environmental education work in Peru with a considerable sum. Sphenisco’s executive board has provided the foundation with the necessary information; the amount of the donation is yet to be determined.
+++Iván Garrido, Director of Andes Iron (port and mining project “Dominga”) was surprisingly replaced, and without a reason given. This does not look like authority and stability. His successor is Pedro Ducci, the son-in-law of Carlos Alberto Délano. Anyone who knows about the corruption scene in Chile remembers Mr. Délano. Within the context of the Penta Affair, Senior Délano was convicted together with Carlos Eugenio Lavin, for deliberate and repeated tax crimes.
+++Sphenisco’s executive board discussed the possibility of systematic counting of the breeding population of the Humboldt Penguin on all the larger islands in Chile, with the Chilean researcher Guillermo Luna (Universidad Católica del Norte, Coquimbo) and Alejando Simeone (Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago). At the Humboldt Archipelago, by use of telemetry, the intention is to also research the paths that the penguins take to their fishing grounds.
The executive board is also talking with the German researcher, Boris Culik (Kiel) (http://www.fh3.de), about a project to prevent the by-catch of penguins in the gillnet fishing industry on the coast of Chile.
+++“Alianza Humboldt Coquimbo Atacama” is calling for a demonstration in La Serena of families on February 29th, against the port and mining projects (Cruz Grande and Dominga). The specific motto for this demonstration has not yet been determined.
translated by Erich Greiner
+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco

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