Landau, 17 December 2019
+++ CEO Dr. Matthias Reinschmidt and his deputy Dr. Clemens Becker from the Zoo in Karlsruhe have invited Sphenisco - represented by Gabriele Knauf, Dr. Christina Schubert and Werner Knauf - to discuss a prospective closer cooperation. The foundation would like to support a project and will provide € 20,000 annually over several years.The board of directors are currently examining various proposals in order to plan a new project and to be able to conclude a definite agreement. After the species protection work of Sphenisco has also been supported by the Marlow Bird Park with € 10,000 annually as of this year, the board of directors are planning to implement projects that have previously been beyond the financial possibilities of the association.
+++ Already in the past few years, Sphenisco has received small and large donations, especially during the Christmas season. They regularly surpass the sum of membership fees. This pleasant tradition seems to continue this year. So far, the Zoo in Frankfurt, Tierpark Hellabrunn in Munich, Paulton‘s Park in Southampton, England, Beate and Jürgen Elling and last but not least the winemaker couple Ramsel (donations through the "Penguin Wine") have donated to the protection of species. Many thanks!
+++ Acorema, our partner in Peru (cooperation since the end of 2011) has presented a detailed report on the pedagogical work of the past two years. We will report at length, but ask for some patience. The board of directors have signed a new contract, running from December 2019 to November 2021, to make sure that Acorema can continue and once again expand its successful work in the province of Ica (southern Peru).
+++ The hearing before the Environmental Court in Antofagasta in the legal dispute concerning the „Dominga" mining and port project, which had been postponed to 27 November and then to 19 December, has again been postponed, this time until 3 March 2020.
+++ This past weekend many communities in Chile conducted plebiscites. The citizens voted on the demand for a new constitution. More than 90 percent are in favour of it. Moreover, in the individual municipalities the citizens were also able to vote on different issues. These included the withdrawal of water privatisation or the question whether environmental protection should be given constitutional status. Results are not available so far.
+++For weeks, manifestations and events have been taking place practically every day all over the country. 
In the upcoming weeks Sphenisco is planning two small seminars in coastal villages (Chungungo, Los Choros, Pt. de Choros). The topics will be: „Constitution and environmental protection" as well as the citizens‘ demands regarding their current living situation.
translated by Angelika Veelken

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