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    Petition "Humboldt penguins finally need protection!"
    Petition "Humboldt penguins finally need protection!" Landau 13 October 2021. The proponents of the mining and port projects "Cruz grande" and "Dominga" are strongly on the defensive due to the reve...
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    Extractivist policies hurt Chile’s ecosystems
    Extractivist policies hurt Chile’s ecosystems (ed. Jennifer Sills) Landau 30 September 2021. The decision of the Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment (COEVA) of the Coquimbo region has tri...
+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++
Landau, 3. March 2020
+++Defensa Ambiental IV Region and other environmental groups have spoken out in advance of the hearing at the Environmental Court in Antofagasta (March 3rd), in order to bring attention to the threatened environmental destruction from the “Cruz Grande” and “Dominga” industrial port projects. Last year, the Chilean Supreme Court in Santiago accepted the legal action by the environmental protectionists against the previous ruling of the Environmental Court in Antofagasta. In it’s ruling, the Supreme Court reasoned that most of the arguments of the critics were valid. The court referred the case back to the Environmental Court with the requirement that it revisit the case and address the specific conditions of the project, and to deliberately examine and deal with the technical and professional objections against the projects. The hearing could take two to three days. It is expected that a ruling will be made within the next month.
+++On Friday, the 14th of February and Saturday, the 15th of February, Defensa Ambiental gathered signatures for the preservation of the “Humboldt Archipelago” in Coquimbo.
+++On Saturday the 22nd of February, Defensa Ambiental IV Region organized a demonstration in Pt. de Choros. An astonishing number of people took part in the march.
no a dominga+++On the 23rd and the 26th of February, Defensa Ambiental unveiled a meter-long banner at the Mall in La Serena, with the title “No a Dominga” (“No to Dominga”) (see photo).
+++On the 24th of February, Nancy Duman of Sphenisco-Chile gave the station “TV National” an interview on the threatened destruction of the “Humboldt Archipelago”. The station disseminated the interview throughout social media, and will continue to report about the conflict.
+++ On Saturday, the 29th of February, Defensa Ambiental carried out imaginative campaigns at five different places in La Serena, and collected 230 signatures in two hours.
+++Defensa Ambiental and Sphenisco-Chile will hold a press conference on March 3rd,,the day of the hearing in Antofagasta.
+++Sphenisco was chosen for further generous donations in February. (s.a., Sphenisco News Flash – December and February). For the first time, Sphenisco received a donation from the Stichting Wildlife Safari Park Beekse, located in Bergen, Holland. The donation was very generous. The park had announced that it wants to support the organization with further contributions. Just as in the previous year, the organization “Penguin Friends of Cuxhaven, e.V.” donated a part of its surplus from its successful work to Spheniso. Thank you very much!
translated by Erich Greiner
Serena Serena Serena
Serena Serena Serena
+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++sphenisco–news flash+++

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