Situation of the Archipiélago de Humboldt

Landau, 24 June 2020.

Since its foundation in 2008, SPHENISCO has been supporting the protection of the "Archipiélago de Humboldt" near La Serena, northern Chile. Together with Chilean nature and species conservationists - the action groups MODEMA and Defensa Ambiental IV Región, the large alliance Alianza Humboldt as well as the NGO Oceana - the association has been organizing and shaping information and projects in the region Coquimbo / La Serena since then.

In the video documentation "Situation of the Archipiélago de Humboldt", Nancy Duman, employee of SPHENISCO, gives an overview of last year’s species protection work on the occasion of an interview with Gabriele and Werner Knauf (Chairperson and CEO of the Penguin Association).

Nancy Duman starts with the international conference "Áreas marinas costeras protegidas" in La Serena on 3 October and then gives a summary of the actions during the period of citizen protests - from October 2019 - and since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Nancy Duman describes how the forms of nature and species protection work have - within a few months - been adapted to completely altered conditions due to the historical crises (see also News).

Her contribution is part of the reporting, more specifically the preparation of the general meeting of SPHENISCO on 27 June 2020, which is organised as a video conference.



translated by Angelika Velken

Situation Archipel Situation Archipel Situation Archipel

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