Protection for Additional Breeding Colonies in the Coquimbo Region

Landau, December 18, 2009

MöwenDespite the threat of extinction, and the international and Chilean laws that protect the Humboldt Penguin, there are still important breeding islands in Chile that have not been declared natural protection areas, and thus are still not protected.

We do not know why this is so. Perhaps it is simply that nobody elevated the issue and filled out the appropriate applications.

Professor Guillermo Luna of the Universidad Católica del Norte (Northern Catholic University of Chile) and Sphenisco have now seized the initiative. In September 2009, under Professor Guillermo's guidance, Biologist Christian Cortés began to map numerous islands (Pajaros, Tilgo, and others), and count the population of Humboldt Penguins and other threatened sea birds. Based on the data collected from his research, Mr. Cortés will then be able to submit the needed applications for the protection of these islands. The project is initially limited to six months. Sphenisco will carry the personnel costs.

Werner Knauf


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