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Landau 1. August 2020.

On the initiative of the mayors of Coquimbo and La Serena, as of Thursday (30 July), there is an additional preventative quarantine measure beyond the nightly curfew. As a result, the citizens are now only allowed to leave their homes for specific reasons (work, purchasing, or doctor visits). The spread of the pandemic in Chile (18.3 million inhabitants) is dramatic: the number of confirmed infections currently is 355,667. Germany (82.91 million inhabitants) currently has 210,399 confirmed infections. The number of new infections in Chile is daily 2,131 (Germany 864). The total deaths to date in Chile is 9,457 (Germany 9,147) (status as of August 1st). The quarantine does not only continue to cripple social life, but also has initially stopped the very successful campaign “Huertos familiares”, which we call the “Small Garden” campaign. Since the end of April, the Humboldt Alliance (an alliance for the protection of the environment, of which Sphenisco is also a member) has brought interested citizens foodstuffs as well as salad and vegetable plants to the coastal villages of the La Higuera community (1). Local authorities have supported this campaign and even helped in the organization. In a short period of time, “Huertos familiares” was the main topic of conversation and managed to release unexpected energies: the helpers from the Alliance were expected in the villages, the “new” gardeners thanked them with pictures of their growing plants, and began to consult and support each other with the cultivation. Fish scraps were composted, independent previously-started garden initiatives were reactivated. The Alliance even managed to win new members from the villages themselves.

Numerous media that normally would hush up the activities of the Alliance, have nevertheless reported about this sustainable self-help project (s.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZOwn0JbEE4)

The current dynamic and developments make it clear that “Huertos familiares” is not only seen as a charitable and solidary campaign, but also as an environmental campaign in the best sense of the word. The executive board from Sphenisco has therefore classified the “Small Garden” campaign (but not the foodstuff donations) as worthy of support according to the statutes of the organization.

W. K.


translated by Erich Greiner


(1) Caleta Los Hornos, Chungungo, Totoralillo Norte, La Higuera, Punta Colorada, Los Choros, Punta de Choros, El Llano de Los Choros, Chañaral de Aceituno


Quarantine Stops Family Gardens Quarantine Stops Family Gardenswidth=
Quarantine Stops Family Gardens Quarantine Stops Family Gardens

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