Summary of the Efforts for a Marine Protection Area

- Sphenisco organises a conference in La Serena -

Landau 24. September 2019.
SeminariaoThe Coquimbo Region has been waiting since March for the decision from Chile’s highest court on “Dominga” (s.a. Article from 5. March), and along with that, also on the issue of the ̏Humboldt Archipelagoʺ. During the preliminary stages of the UN Climate Conference (COP 25) in Santiago, it appeared that the Chilean government was making efforts to prevent negative press, so as not to affront either potential investors or environmental protectionists. The conflict in the Coquimbo Region was, as much as possible, not mentioned, and they were hoping that it would be forgotten.
That alone is enough reason to speak out about it. Sphenisco will be staging a conference on 3. October called “Áreas Marinas Costeras Protegidas a dos años del IMPAC IV” (Marine Protection Area Two Years After the Global Congress for Marine Protection Areas – IMPAC IV),  together with the municipal authorities in La Serena, Coquimbo and Los Villos, the faculty of the Marine Science Department of the University of Coquimbo, and the Humboldt Alliance. The keynote speaker will be Philipp Robert from France, a marine protection area specialist from the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Chilean scientists and environmental protectionists will analyze the present situation and present options for sustainable development of the controversial marine and coastal protection areas. Parallel to that, Sphenisco has organized a market at the Plaza de Armas, with booths where local initiatives will inform the public and offer products from the local region.
translated by Erich Greiner



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