Straight to the Point! „Humboldt Alliance“

La Serena, Landau 5. March 2019.
On the 27th and 28th of February, as well as on March 4th, proceedings in the appeal against the verdict of the First Environmental Court in Antofagasta from April 27, 2018 were held at the Supreme Court in Santiago [see also, “Carta Abierta (open letter) to President Piñera, on this website]. The High Court heard the attorneys’ pleadings from eight different parties, six against (see first photo) and two for the Dominga Project from the Andes Iron Corporation. The environmental organizations Oceana and Geute pleaded against the project, as well as the citizens’ action groups and associations from the region (Modema, Drinking Water Committee, Association of Fishers and Small Farmers – see Remark 1). Those that pleaded for the project naturally came directly from Andes Iron Corporation and a regional citizens group that the corporation is very close to.
Andes Iron’s mega-project has been rejected by a majority of the populace for some time now. The decision of the environmental court in Antofagasata, as well as the plans of the Piñera government to push through large projects without any consideration for the environment or the interests of the populace, has incensed more and more people. That is why there is increased participation by individuals in campaigns for a healthy environment. Since the beginning of the year, environmental groups have organized both small and large campaigns and events (see the article, “Campaigns and Events for a Healthy Environment”). Just before the attorneys’ hearing at the Chilean Supreme Court, environmental activists surprised the public with the “Alianza Humboldt Coquimbo – Atacama” (
The alliance’s goal is to save the Humboldt Archipelago (the main breeding area of the Humboldt Penguin in northern Chile), and keep this hotspot of biological diversity from the irreversible collapse that would be caused by mega-projects such as “Dominga” and “Cruz Grande”. In a declaration, the alliance named the threatening dangers and made clear that these projects from Andes Iron and CAP (Compañía Minera del Pacífico) are not compatible with Chilean environmental laws, since relevant facts during the review process were not taken into consideration. The alliance announced that it would take all nationally and internationally appropriate steps, in order to defend the Humboldt Archipelago.
AlianzaThe “Humboldt Coquimbo-Atacama Alliance” was founded by 20 national and international environmental organizations, including Oceana, Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, and Fundación Terram. Our regional partner organizations, Defensa Ambiental IV Region and Modema, as well as Sphenisco itself are also founding members of the Alliance, and actually belong to the driving forces behind it. Within only a few short days, 67 additional regional civil organizations and eight extra-regional organizations joined the Alliance. Currently, the Alliance is made up of 95 organizations (see remark 2).
The Humboldt-Alliance has triggered an unusually strong echo in the media, including social media. Even in “El Dia”, published in La Serena, that repeatedly reports from a one-sided, pro-industry perspective to its readers, covered the creation of the Humboldt Alliance in detail. The environmental movement is currently performing outstandingly, and raising hopes. Therefore, despite superior economic interests, the situation is serious, but not hopeless.
Remark 1 Fundación Geute Conservación Sur, ONG Oceana, Asociación Gremial de Mariscadores y Pescadores de Los Choros, Movimiento en Defensa del Medio Ambiente de La Higuera, Comité de Agua Potable Rural Los Choros, Asociación de Pequeños Propietarios Agrícolas de Los Choros
Remark 2 Members of the Humboldt Coquimbo – Atacama Alliance
Oceana+++Greenpeace+++Seashepherd+++Chao Pescao+++Fundación Terram+++Chile Sustentable+++Fima+++Geute+++Defensoría Ambiental+++Ecosistemas+++Ayni+++OBC Chinchimén+++Fundación Relaves+++Panthalassa+++Codesa+++Aula de mar+++Defensa Ambiental IV Region+++Modema++Turismo Caleta Hornos+++Sphenisco
Organisations from the Region that Joined
1. A.G. de Pescadores y Mariscadores Los Choros
2. A.G. de Trabajadores del Mar Independientes Punta de Choros
3. Agrupación Cultural y Patrimonial Los Choros
4. Agrupación de Derechos Humanos IV Región
5. Agrupación de Teatristas de Elqui ATEL
6. Agua Potable Rural de Los Choros
7. Agrupación de Trabajadores Independientes de Caleta Hornos
8. Agrupación Folclórica Víctor Jara, Los Choros
9. Agua Potable Rural de Punta de Choros
10. Animalistas Coquimbo – La Serena
11. Asociación de Turismo de Chañaral de Aceituno, Región Atacama
12. Asociación Indígena Cultural Elke
13. Asociación Indígena Regional Newen Mapuche
14. Asociación Mapuche Mapu Ta Nuyun
15. Banda Converso de Coquimbo
16. Centinela Ambiental Tongoy
17. Club Deportivo Victoria de Los Choros
18. Coalición Ecuménica por el Cuidado y la Creación
19. Colectivo de Danza La Manada, La Serena
20. Consejo Ciudadano de Coquimbo
21. Consejo Ciudadano La Serena
22. Concejo Consultivo de la Reserva Nacional Pingüino de Humboldt
23. Cooperativa Agrícola de Olivicultores de Los Choros.
24. Cooperativa Pesquera comercializadora Los Choros
25. Cooperativa Punta Norte de Punta de Choros
26. Coordinadora Ciudadana Elke Sustentable
27. Corporación Cultural América Morena CAM
28. Cumbre Plurinacional de Organizaciones sociales de Chile
29. Defensa Ambiental IV Región
30. Departamento de Derechos Humanos del Colegio Médico La Serena
31. Departamento de Medio Ambiente de la FEUCN-Coquimbo
32. El Pueblo Los Choros Los Choros
33. Elqui Sin Mineras
34. Escuelita qinti ankuwillka, el Rosario, La Serena
35. Explorasub, Chañaral de Aceituno, Región de Atacama
36. Federación de Pescadores de la comuna de La Higuera
37. Fuga de Tinta, Coquimbo
38. Grupo Musical Magnolia La Serena
39. Jorge Naveas, dirigente CONFUSAM Coquimbo, Asociación de Funcionarios de la Salud Municipal de Coquimbo
40. Juntas de Vecinos de Los Choros
41. Juntas de Vecinos de Punta de Choros
42. La Higuera Resiste
43. La Tejida Feminista IV Región
44. Mesa Ejecutiva FEUCN Coquimbo
45. Mesa Social de Coquimbo
46. Misioneros Claretianos JPIC, Chile
47. Movimiento Nacional Salud Digna para Todos
48. Movimiento Rescate Pingüinos
49. Newen Kallfu Coquimbo
50. NiUnaMenos Coquimbo La Serena
51. ODEFOT, Organización de Desarrollo y Fomento del Turismo de Punta de Choros
52. Olla Revuelta de La Serena
53. ONG, estudios territoriales aplicados, Salamanca
54. ONG Madres e Hijos La Serena
55. ONG Sembrar el Desierto, Vallenar, Región Atacama
56. Organización Antroposofíca Aurora La Serena
57. Organización Cultura en Movimiento IV
58. Red Ambiental Norte – La Serena
59. Red Ambiental Norte – Coquimbo
60. Red de Observación y Conservación de Aves Silvestres - REDAVES
61. Red Territorial Choapa
62. Revolución de la Cuchara Chile
63. Salud en Marcha
64. Secretaría de Medio Ambiente de la Federación de Estudiantes de La Serena
65. Sindicato de buzos y trabajadores independientes de Chañaral de Aceituno, Región Atacama
66. Sindicato de Pescadores Buzos y Recolectores de Orilla La Cruz de Chungungo 24. Turismo Caleta Hornos
67. Turismo Orca, Chañaral de Aceituno; Región de Atacama
Organisations from Other Regions that Joined
1. Centro de Estudiantes de Pedagogía en Biología y Ciencias Naturales – ULS
2. Federación de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Valparaíso, casa central
3. Federación de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Valparaíso, sede Santiago
4. Federación de Estudiantes de la Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, sede Valparaíso
5. FEUCN Antofagasta
6. FEUL Puerto Montt
7. Movimiento Ciudadano Rescate Pingüino, Algarrobo, Región Valparaíso
8. Mujeres de Zona de Sacrificio en Resistencia Puchuncavi – Quinteros CN Antofagasta
G.K & W.K.
Translated by Erich Greiner

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