Online Petition “Speak out for Chile’s Humboldt penguins”!

Online PetitionWith the organization Save the Rainforest, Sphenisco has started the online petition "Speak out for Chile's Humboldt penguins!".

The petition’s demand to finally and effectively protect this sensitive environment, and to declare the marine region of La Higuera and Chañaral Island a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site, will be at the center of World Penguin Day (see below) and our activities at the Congress in La Serena, Chile.

We urgently request that you sign this petition and circulate it as widely as possible (via Facebook, etc.). It’s worth the effort! Many comments throughout the world can result in effective protection of the breeding colonies of the Humboldt Penguin, as well as the other threatened species in this area, and result in this marine region only being allowed to be used in a sustainable manner.

translated by Erich Greiner


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