The Navy Says No to Power Plants

Landau, November 12, 2009

Humboldt Penguins, animals, plants, and the people of the La Higuera community are no longer so defenseless. The Chilean Navy has chosen their side in the battle against the building of the power plants!

Even if COREMA (ComisiĆ³n Regional del Medio Ambiente) will first decide on the building permit applications from Suez Energy and CMP in May, 2010, the Undersecretary of the Chilean Navy (Subscretaria de Marina) has already decided against the use of the coasts for building ports or for the removal of large amounts of sea water. The Navy states that the plans laid out by the companies are contradictory.

The Navy has sovereign power over the entire coast of Chile. As a result it also watches over building on the coast, safety precautions on ships and boats, and other related actions. The "No" from the Navy and the many objections raised during the environmental impact study (see the article "Decision Again Delayed") have laid bare the irresponsible plans of these energy companies and called into question the realisation of their building projects.

This is in any case a win at this stage for "Penguin and Friends" and perhaps a preliminary decision in favor of humans and nature in the La Higuera region. We certainly hope this is the case.

Werner Knauf translated by Erich Greiner


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