Douglas Tompkins appeals to President Bachelet


Landau, June 10, 2008: the famous nature protector (entrepreneur and previous millionare) pointed out to President Bachelet in a letter the environmental and social catastrophe in the Coquimbo Region of northern Chile. In this way he supports the cause of the civilian movement MODEMA against the planned building of three coal-fired power plants near the primary breeding ground of the Humboldt Penguin. Douglas Tompkins appealed to President Bachelet and the responsible Chilean authorities to search for an environmental and socially sustainable solution. At the same time, he requested 258 Chilean natural protection organizations and conservationists to support the protests of MODEMA by writing letters to the Chilean authorities.



About Douglas Tompkins




„The Landtaker“ -- Die Zeit

„We will then be gone“ -- FTD

„With esprit for national parks“ -- FAZ



Douglas Tompkins, born on March 20, 1943, grew up in rural Milbrook, New York, USA; a passionate mountain climber and friend of nature, he has provoked varied headlines and commentary.


In 1964 he founded the outdoor outfitter „The North Face“ and six years later the fashion company „Esprit“, whose products are sold in 44 countries around the world. In 1990 he sold his portion of both companies and parted with commercial success. He based his departure on the destructive results to nature and society that come from capatalistic business methods and western style of living. Since then he has bought land in Argentina and Chile with his assets, to save it from destruction, and through pioneering initiatives has transfered the privately purchased land into national parks. To date he has had 800,000 hectares of land put under protection. The heart of it is the 300,000 hectare Pumalin Park in the De los Lagos region, southern Chile, near the city Chaitãn.



Conservative powers in Chile and business lobbies have long been fighting against his projects. They see in Tompkins a danger to national interests, in particular to their development of the country, and as an obstacle to the exploitation of the rain forests.




Douglas Tompkins orients himself in his projects on the natural and environmental philosophy of the Norwegian Arne Naess. Mr. Tompkins, along with his wife Kristine, was awarded the Bruno H. Schubert Prize at the Frankfurt Römer on July 11, 2008, for his many years of commitment to the environment.


Werner Knauf





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