Acorema 2018

Landau 6th July 2018.
AcoremaSphenisco has been working together with the Peruvian NGO, Acorema since 2010. Since then, Acorema has regularly conducted educational campaigns on behalf of Sphenisco under the motto, “Queremos vivir – We Want to Live”. Initially, the work was limited to the Pisco/Paracas Region, but has expanded in the last few years to include the Chincha Region, and more recently, the Nazca Region. From the very beginning, the hallmark of the work was the intense cooperation with schools and pre-schools, with activities in public places, conversations with small-scale fishermen on location, vacation workshops and high-quality media, such as flyers, the mascot named Pisko, puppet theaters, etc. These media are not only informative and appealing, but also perfectly modulated for each target group. The basis of the work was and is the intense networking with schools, communities, the Paracas National Park and small-scale fishing organizations.

Acorema has again increased its scope in the last year and is now also active in the Nazca Region, in order to sensitize people for the protection of the “Reserva Nacional San Fernando”, an area with a high degree of biodiversity and a considerable breeding colony of Humboldt Penguins. 871 students and 37 teachers at eight schools were reached. Media such as flyers, a mascot (Fernando was used instead of Pisko) and a textbook for teachers were adapted to fit current conditions.

In the Pisco/Paracas and Chincha regions, the primary emphasis of the work was on the subject of garbage, and in particular plastic garbage. With the help of seven schools, beaches were cleaned and in highly creative of ways, the garbage was used to form useful objects such as toys and hanging baskets. Through the productive teamwork of disposal companies, Acorema now advertises on garbage trucks for waste reduction and warns of the dangers of plastic litter.

Overall, Acorema was able to sensitize 6,800 people on environmental issues. The small series of pictures illustrates quite well the work of this Peruvian NGO.


Translated by Erich Greiner


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