Projects in Peru

Karte von PeruThe habitat of the Humboldt Penguin lies on islands near the coast of Peru and Chile between the fourth and fortieth degrees southern latitude. This is where they breed and hunt.

According to current statistics solely on the islands of Ballestas, Chincha, San Galan, Independencia, Santa Rosa and in the area Tres Puertas in the region Pisco-Paracas about 1000 Humboldt-penguins have recently been counted. In this area Sphenisco cooperates with the Peruvian conservation organization Acorema (Areas Costeras y Recursos Marinos), which – apart from numerous other activities – informs the general public about the imminent extinction of the Humboldt-penguins and at the same time exposes the problems of the specific  threats in Peru.

Further information, current developments, and other activities of Sphenisco in Peru can be found on the navigation board on the left side of our Homepage.


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