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Pinguin-Forschung in Landau

Landau 22. Juni 2020.

Ende Juni startet im Landauer Zoo ein Forschungsprojekt an Humboldt-Pinguinen. Im Auftrag von SPHENISCO testet Prof. Culik (http://www.fh3.de) in Kooperation mit der Universität Koblenz-Landau ein Warngerät zur Vermeidung von Beifang. In langen Versuchsreihen soll die Frage geklärt werden, ob und wie die Pinguine auf die akustischen Warnsignale reagieren. Großzügig gefördert wird die wissenschaftliche Untersuchung vom Vogelpark Marlow (vogelpark-marlow.de), der Mitglied von SPHENISCO ist.                                                                                                    

Das Warngerät (PAL) wurde von Prof. Culik entwickelt und erfolgreich zum Schutz von Schweinswalen in der Ostsee eingesetzt. Durch das PAL konnte der Beifang der Wale um 80% reduziert werden. Aktuell sind 2.500 Warngeräte in der Fischerei der Ostsee im Einsatz. In anderen Meeren wird das Gerät zur Zeit erprobt.

Wie die Ostseeschweinswale sind auch Humboldt-Pinguine stark bedroht, wie sie werden auch die Pinguine  – neben anderen Ursachen – durch ungewollten Beifang in den Stellnetzen vor Chile und Peru stark dezimiert. Die Forscher und SPHENISCO hoffen nun, daß die Pinguine im Landauer Zoo positiv auf die akustischen Signale reagieren und sich „warnen“ lassen. Das könnte der erste Schritt zur Reduktion von Beifang bei Humboldt-Pinguinen werden. Bei positiven Ergebnisse in Landau ist geplant, das Warngerät im Freiland zu erproben.


Forschung PAL Forschung PAL Forschung PAL

Review – Klemens Pütz’s Book „Unverfrorene Freunde“

Hannover, 10. January 2019.

I thought I already knew everything about penguins. Well, let’s say I thought I knew almost everything. After all, we had been together twice on the Falkland Islands with our penguin researcher, Klemens Pütz. And the poor man had little chance to flee from my many questions..

I don’t know anyone who thinks penguins are stupid. They are simply wonderful. The more one deals with them, the more respect one has for their many accomplishments. That is at least how I see it. They never have vacation, there is no break from their daily routine, and they strictly follow the plan of life that evolution has set out for them. How exciting it must be to be allowed to research them. And that doing so is not Sunday stroll, is impressively described in his new book “Unverfrorene Freunde”. Since there are other professions that must be followed as well and we cannot all be penguin researchers, it is good that Klemens allows us to partake in his experiences.

Through reading, it quickly becomes clear that the on-site work is no bed of roses. As privileged a longer stay in the Antarctic is, it is always uncomfortable and cold. As wonderful as it sounds to travel to New Zealand as part of your occupation, the penguin research must be attended to as well. It is not a vacation. Upon return, one must present results, regardless of what the weather was like.

During one of our trips to the Falkland Islands, we were allowed to help. Klemens captured a number of Rockhopper Penguins, in order to take blood and feather samples from them, and to measure their beaks. The results of the samples were to help determine their genetic relatedness to one another. Wow, and we were there! I remember very well how difficult it was to capture those small and not shy penguins. Thus, I hadn’t the vaguest idea what it must be like to capture a 40 kilogram-heavy Emperor Penguin.

Unverfrorene Freunde (Unabashed Friends)

The biologist Dr. Klemens Pütz, member of Sphenisco and Scientific Director of the Antarctic Research Trust, has published “Unverfrorene Freunde – My Life Among Penguins”. For over 30 years, Klemens Pütz has focused on penguins, traveled over and over to and lived in the Antarctic and the Subantarctic. “Unverfrorene Freunde” thus provides sound knowledge based on years-long research, personal first-hand experiences inspired by his enthusiasm for this beautiful bird in its dress suit.

Language: German


Translated by Erich Greiner

Unverfrorene Freunde

Placard with All Penguin Species Published

Landau, 30 March 2014.

Schüling Publishing Company (Schüling Verlag) presents a placard with all 18 species of penguins, all sized to scale. The illustrations were created by Frithjof Spangenberg, a free-lance illustrator living in Koblenz. The placard comes in DIN standard “A2” format (59.4 cm x 42 cm), is laminated, and thus can be hung in a feed kitchen. It costs 9.80 Euro, plus 5.00 Euro shipping costs.

For each placard sold, Schüling Publishing Company will send one Euro to Sphenisco. We thank them very much for their support and therewith associated recognition of our work.

Werner Knauf

Humboldt PinguinInformation about the Humboldt Penguin

written by Gabriele and Werner Knauf.

here in pdf-format (in German)


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