World Penguin Day 2018

Landau, 5. February 2018

Sphenisco again calls for campaigns for the threatened Humboldt Penguin and its habitat, on the occasion of World Penguin Day on April 25th, as the most important breeding areas in northern Chile continue to be severely endangered.

The protests in the past years have resulted in noticeable successes. The regional government in Coquimbo and later the Bachelet government rejected the mining and port project from the company Andes Iron. The President of the Coquimbo Regional Government, Claudio Ibáñez, arranged to have the breeding islands Pajeros 1 and 2, Tilgo, Chungungo, Totoarillio declared governmental property. As a result of this, CONAF (the responsible Chilean Environmental Protection Agency) was able to apply to have this “new” property put under protection and have it integrated into the National Protection Area for the Humboldt Penguin. In January of this year, the Coquimbo Regional Government applied for the creation of a marine protection area with the Chilean Central Government. It is possible that the outgoing government of President Bachelet will still be able to pass a law creating this marine protection area.

Unfortunately, the new government under Sebastián Piñera (inauguration 11. March) has pronounced its support for the mining and port projects in the Coquimbo Region, and so puts the existence of a marine region of global importance again in question.

Sphenisco therefore calls for the campaigns “Gracias Consejo Consultivo” (starts 31. March) as well as the campaigns around World Penguin Day on 25. April (see attachments). Sphenisco asks all nature and environmental protectionists to support the battle for the habitat of the Humboldt Penguin with a personal thank you to Consejo Consultivo (the advisory body of the national protection area). Over the last 20 years, the advisory body has exemplarily and incorruptiblely advocated for the habitat of the Humboldt Penguin in northern Chile (see also article, Consejo Consultivo). With the campaign “Gracias Consejo Consultivo”, the dedicated activists in northern Chile should be thanked and further support pledged. Every “thank you” on Sphenico's homepage counts.


translated by Erich Greiner


Invitation to World Penguin Day 2018 in .pdf format
Background and Meaning of the Ecosystem “La Higuera-Chañaral Island” in .pdf format