Save the date "Save the Penguin"!

The good news: the breeding areas of the Humboldt Penguin still exist in northern Chile. The bad news: they are still massively threatened. For over 20 years, environmentalists and conservationists have defended the habitat of the Humboldt Penguin and have demanded that the "La Higuera-Isla ChaƱaral" ecosystem be preserved through the
creation of a marine protection area. Last year it appeared that all of their efforts would finally lead to success. The regional government of Coquimbo and the Bachelet cabinet rejected the "Dominga" mining and port project from Andes Iron Corporation. Shortly before the admininistration change in March, the Chilean Committee of Ministers unanimously voiced their approval for the creation of the "Pinguino de Humboldt" Marine Protection Area. These advances were followed by bitter setbacks. In May, the Chilean Supreme Court rejected the legal action against the Cruz Grande port project, and the Chilean Environmental Court in Antofagasta granted Andes Iron's appeal against the rejection of the "Dominga" project (see also

In 2019, Sphenisco will also call for campaigns around World Penguin Day (April 25th), and will provide materials for that purpose. Please check within your organisation whether it's possible between April 20th and 28th (or even on another date) to support with a small or a large campaign. The local citizens and environmental movements on site in Chile are
relying on urgently-needed international support.

Translated by Erich Greiner