357.264 Signatures for the Humboldt Penguin

Sphenisco Hands Over Petitions to the Coquimbo Government

La Serena, Landau, July 4, 2017


On July 3rd, a delegation organized by Sphenisco handed Coquimbo’s Regional President, Señor Claudio Ibáñez, 357,264 signatures for the protection of the Humboldt Penguin. This small delegation was put together from the new President of the Fishers Federation, additional fishers from Los Choros and Chungungo, as well as member of the citizens’ movements MODEMA and Chao Pescao, and the NGO, Oceana. Approximately 340,000 signatures were collected through the help of “Rainforest Rescue” and the signature campaigns “Save 26,000 Penguins” and “Urgently Needed:  a Protection Area for Penguins in Chile!”. The rest was organized by Chao Pescao with the campaign “Salvemos La Higuera (Save La Higuera)”, and MODEMA. The goal of the hand-off was to demonstrate that not only do many people in Chile want to prevent the threatened destruction of the “La Higuera-Isla Chañaral” marine region, but also that people globally are concerned about this valuable marine region in northern Chile as well.

Señora Nancy Duman from Sphenisco thanked President Ibáñez for receiving the signatures, challenged him to quickly improve the protection at the breeding islands and to finally implement the creation of the requested marine protection area. Señor Claudio Ibáñez promised to advocate for a marine protection area with President Bachelet, and further to support sustainable development in the region of La Higuera. He also agreed to personally hand President Bachelet the 357,264 signatures together with a gift from German children. In the previous year, children from the Black Forest made a penguin from clay, and asked her to save the Humboldt Penguins.

There were unusually many member of the press and media present for the signature hand-off and the event was thus reported in much Detail.

The hand-off to the Coquimbo regional government was an interim balance. Together with “Rainforest Rescue”, Sphenisco will continue the campaign “Urgently Needed:  a Protection Area for Penguins in Chile!” until the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC4) in La Serena/Coquimbo, Chile and attempt to win professionals throughout the world for protection of this valuable environmental system.


translated by Erich Greiner

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