“Yes to the Marine Protection Area”

Campaigns about World Penguin Day on April 25th

Proteste_ChileIn the main habitat of the threatened Humboldt Penguin in northern Chile, two industrial ports are supposed to be built. These intended projects are provoking many protests on World Penguin Day, in Chile and in many other countries as well.

Last year, already over 220,000 people from all over the globe signed the online petition from the organization “Save the Rainforest”, in order to bring attention to the threatened destruction of nature in northern Chile. In the affected area, many citizens objected to the planned building of the port projects and are fighting back in many ways (see the article about this issue on our website). For years, Sphenisco has committed itself to the creation of a marine protection area, and supports local residents with their efforts to preserve the marine area and to use it exclusively in a sustainable fashion.

For this year’s World Penguin Day on April 25th, Sphenisco is calling for its members and zoos in Europe and the Americas to call attention to this dramatic situation in the Humboldt Penguin’s habitat through diverse campaigns on April 25th. Among the planned actions are a worldwide photo campaign under the motto “Yes to the Marine Protection Area!” and the new online petition “A Home for Penguin & Co.”, that we are organizing with the environmental group, Save the Rainforest. Together with our partner organizations in Chile and natural protectionists around the globe, Sphenisco is appealing to Chilean President Bachelet to lastingly protect the survival of the population of wild Humboldt Penguins, and not to endanger them through the building of these port projects. The PDF file “World Penguin Day 2017” can provide more details about the campaigns.


translated by Erich Greiner